Award-winning Canadian author and playwright Jennifer Dance has a passion for justice and equality.  

Her Civil Rights era musical, DANDELIONS IN THE WIND, addresses black-white racism and is based in part on her own life story. 

The three books of her White Feather Collection - RED WOLF, PAINT and HAWK  address the issue of racism, both past and present, against Indigenous people in North America. These novels are fiction, but they present the truth in a way that creates compassion and understanding, joining the dots between the colonial policies of the past and the rift of mistrust that still exists. They open the door to reconciliation.  

“Reconciliation is not an aboriginal problem, it is a Canadian problem. It involves all of us."

These words spoken by Justice Murray Sinclair, Chair of Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission, compel us ALL to become involved with reconciliation. But as non-natives 

how can we reconcile, or make something right, if we don’t know what’s wrong?

Armed with the truth, Jennifer believes that today's youth will stand up for justice and equality, and lead us to reconciliation.

Personal achievements

Jennifer Dance was awarded the 2016 Ontario Senior Achievement Award, for making a significant contribution through her writing and presentations in the schools and community. Jennifer was also honoured to be nominated as a Woman of Excellence in the J.S. Woodsworth Awards for Human Rights and Equity. 

During Black History month of 2017, Jennifer was thrilled to bring her civil rights era musical to the Toronto Stage. It is her dream to see DANDELIONS IN THE WIND used across Canada as part of school teaching on anti-racism. 

Jennifer in the schools and community


Jennifer is available for a limited number of SCHOOL presentations


 A warm welcome from William G. Davis Public School 


Jennifer's books in the lesson plan  

Students organizing their own marketing campaign for HAWK

Students run an inter-school "marketing campaign  for HAWK. They placed third!  


A well- worn school library book! 


 Grade 8 students script their own play and perform it complete with programs and scenery  

On stage at the Forest of Reading Festival

On stage at the Forest of Reading Festival
 The closest thing an author comes to being a roacxk star

The closest thing an author gets to being  a rock star!


 On TV with students from the Junior Economic Club of Canada,  discussing Red Wolf 


 Speaking at INSPIRE, the Toronto International Book Fair  


 JUDGE Jennifer with the finalists of the  Young People's Short Story competition, sponsored by the Canadian Federation of University Women 


Receiving the Ontario Achievement award  from the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, 


"Essential Reading for Every Canadian" - Indigo

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